One-stop Digital Asset Solution for Institutions

DEFINIS is the bridge connecting Web 3.0 and TradFi, from custody to staking, OTC trading, financing, and blockchain auditing. Let's shape the digital future of finance with DEFINIS.

The Infrastructure of Future Digital Finance

"DEFINIS" stems from our simple yet powerful word - 'definite'. As one of the most trusted partners, DEFINIS empowers institutions to capture the enormous growth opportunities in the digital asset space, leveraging our highly secure and compliant bank-grade platform.


State-of-art architecture directly connects stablecoin issuers platforms with DEFINIS, 1:1 USD stablecoin to US Dollar guaranteed without concerning about the volume.


We take pride in zero hidden charge for the listed pricing of digital assets on DEFINIS. Our standard is to maintain transparency in all pricings.


The processing time of ongoing transactions on DEFINIS is proven to be faster, within seconds. You can move your funds at any time swiftly and effortlessly.


Each transaction is not only recorded and documented, it is also being audited by licensed auditor specialising in AML. It also allows users to trace all the transactions and trades when needed.


DEFINIS leverages multi-party computation (MPC) technology to safely store and transfer digital assets. A multi-layer security platform protects all the assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion and human errors.

A Single Platform to Manage all your Digital Assets

All the popular digital assets can be managed on DEFINIS expertly. Users can save the hassle from switching platform to platform.

Institutional-Grade Technology

Our pioneering technology is meticulously developed by our leading tech engineers to provide the highest standard of user experience, with security being our top priority.


DEFINIS is a licensed institution using comprehensive analytics tools to screen all the transactions for compliance with applicable Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Sanctions Laws.

Innovative Strategies

DEFINIS adopts innovative strategies in the digital finance space and supports a variety of digital assets, allowing our users to maximize the growth potential with different levels of risk appetite.