The Digital Future Of Payment

Stablecoin Payment Gateway for All Kinds Of Needs

Grow your business with a gateway that will save you time and money.

The Next-Gen Payment on DEFINIS

Users can use DEFINIS for stablecoin payment. DEFINIS supports a whole range of stablecoins owing to its built-in integration with various platforms.

Instant Payouts

The real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion by DEFINIS enables it to provide fiat currency payouts to the sellers.


Profit from our competitive rate at full transparency amongst top-tier payment solution providers. No volatile rates. No hidden fees.


To pay with stablecoins, the user only needs to scan the QR code provided on the webpage of the merchant or from digital wallets.

Data Repository

On top of the stablecoin payment gateway, DEFINIS also offers repository services on behalf of the Blockchain technology.

Quick & Easy SetUp

Merchants and sellers who do not have any prior knowledge of programming can integrate the gateway all by themselves easily.


Transactions cannot be canceled or reversed on Blockchain.

The Digital Future of Finance

Be a Custodian of Your Own Assets on DEFINIS

Safeguard your digital assets in the most secure and compliant way.

The new standard for crypto custody

DEFINIS Custody Infrastructure is specifically designed for the safekeeping of digital assets and connecting with TradFi banking system, all you have to do is to enjoy the insitutional-grade custody.


Custody in an advanced digital asset platform to ensure the highest level of security. You can add a private key to access your digital assets on DEFINIS.


The processing time of ongoing transactions on DEFINIS is proven to be faster, within seconds. You can move your funds at any time swiftly and effortlessly.


You can customize the DEFINIS platform to match your priorities and professional needs. Full custidy and settlement APIs for seamless integrations.


Non-predictable damages to digital assets are protected by insurance, which is provided by DEFINIS.


The existence of accounts of DEFINIS can be proven by their unique private keys assuredly.


Account dashboard or API integration can be used to export structured data. Performance and portfolio status can be tracked at any moment.

The Digital Future of OTC Trading

OTC Trading Brings the Freedom

Trade crypto efficiently and smartly, with all the tools you need.

The New Heights of OTC Trading

DEFINIS lets traders trade directly with another trader without the supervision of an exchange. OTC trading has the potential of facilitating liquidity, providing transparency, and reducing the price impact.

Broad Liquidity

Access to deep liquidity pools from a single onboarding to achieve the best execution.

Best Execution

Execution services strengthen traders’ global trading capability. DEFINIS provides the best prices from a wide range of liquidity pools, exchanges and OTC desks.

24/7/365 Access

The digital asset platform of DEFINIS is accessible 24x7. The platform is integrated online to make it available anytime, anywhere.

No Pre-Funding

Pre-funding of user accounts isn’t necessary at all. Users can have a better capital efficiency using the DEFINIS platform.

Fast Automatic Settlement

Settlements on DEFINIS makes the creation and maintenance of control accounts simple, post-trade settlements keeps the record clearly.

Transparent Pricing

The pricing of digital assets on DEFINIS doesn’t contain any hidden charges. DEFINIS maintains transparency in terms of pricing.

The Digital Future of Blockchain Audit

Flawless High-Value Transactions On DEFINIS

Experiencing Smooth high-value transactions on DEFINIS by leveraging Blockchain Audit

The New Standard For Blockchain Audit

A blockchain audit takes place to support high-value transactions on a blockchain. This process contains the use of typical code analysis that recognizes cons in the system and abolishes any risks in such applications.

Custody & Execution Services

Digital asset holders on DEFINIS can use a private key to keep their assets secure. Execution services tend to strengthen traders’ global trading capability.

Stablecoin Payments

DEFINIS supports stablecoin payments to allow traders to pay using stablecoins without worrying about a big price fluctuation of the same.

Settlement And Tri-Party Arrangements

Trading activity can be settled from the safety of DEFINIS custody either on behalf of clients or directly by formal deals within merchants or traders.

Packaged Offerings

Bundling crypto products and service offerings can help you capitalize on the market. Meeting Clients’ demands may help you gain trust.

Legal, Regulatory, & Compliance Planning

Analyze legal risks for existing execution paths, implant similarities and reports of crypto products and service solutions.

API Integrations With Robust Testing

DEFINIS can be integrated into relevant platforms with the help of DEFINIS API, which is tested to avoid crashes and errors.

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